Working with some Recruiters

Working with Chicago financial recruiters to find the right candidates for job vacancies is increasingly seen as a cost-effective and productive way of working for many companies. The old misconception of “agencies will just send any candidates’ CVs and charge expensive fees” may still be held by some companies but this is often down to a lack of understanding about the features and benefits of a financial advisor recruiter’s service or from having bad experiences in the past with less than reputable agencies.

When a company has identified the need to recruit their Human Resources team they have to decide how they are to manage the process; do they deal with all stages of the recruitment process themselves, use a head hunter Chicago as well as their own advertising and selection of candidates or outsource to one or more agencies? Some issues to be considered and how the services of financial advisor recruiting firms can be of benefit include;

Cost: The majority of head hunter Chicago services for the recruitment of permanent staff are provided on a ‘no placement, no fee’ basis, even then there is, in most cases, a rebate period, usually of up to 3 months from the candidate commencing employment if the candidate does not work out.

Time: Companies often consider how much of their HR staffs’ time will be taken up by; preparing, writing and posting job advertisements, sorting through the applications, pre-screening candidates etc. This can often take up several hours of every day and at an expense to the company, especially when compared to meeting and briefing a financial advisor recruiter and then only looking at pre-screened qualified candidates.

Expertise: By working with specialist financial services headhunters for vacancies such as financial advisor jobs and stockbroker jobs, companies can get easy access to candidates already on the agencies’ books and can also seek advice on industry trends, candidate availability, salary surveys and changes in employment legislation. Financial advisor recruiting firms will often have access to industry specific job boards, journals, networking / social networking and industry contacts and can identify candidates from less commonly used sources.

Confidentiality: There can be several reasons, internally and externally, why a company will not want to let it be known that they are recruiting for particular job roles. Financial services recruiters will not normally advertise the company’s name unless requested.

Suitability of candidates: When advertising for financial advisor jobs there are often two outcomes; not enough applications or too many applications. Not enough applications and it is time to look at other methods of candidate attraction, too many and it’s all about picking the best. A head hunter Chicago will usually have a detailed brief and will be able to identify potentially suitable candidates sooner.